Results From The March 27, 2010 King Of The Hill Cricket II Toronto Dart Tournament

John Part: King of the Cricket Hill

Thanks to the nearly 50 players from all over Southern Ontario for showing up this past weekend and attending our spring version of King of the Hill Cricket.


Thanks to all who came out to the event to watch, and ended up enjoying some outstanding matches. And a special thanks to 3-Time World Champion John Part who came out to be among his fans, and give some local players who might never see him otherwise a chance to rub elbows. We know a great many of them were thrilled you came out. Thanks John, you are indeed a gracious dart player, as well as one of the all-time dart greats!

The Tourney:

Because we do a blind draw for group assignments, you just never know who might end up in your group. Just about every tourney we've done so far we've had at least 1 Super Group, and this event was no exception. Group 2 had both John Part and Dan Olson, two terrific Ontario dart players who have both been 'across the pond' to throw some. Both made it out of their group.

There were some great dart on the day, but the semi-final between John Part and Adam Bernard was a show-stopper. We actually filmed this match, as well as the final, and we'll be posting it on the site soon.

The Tourney:

1st: John Part $400
2nd: Gary Robinson $200
3rd (joint): Dan Olson / Adam Bernard $100 each
5th (joint): Mike Powers / Kerry Howe $45 each
7th (joint): Edwin Mason / Mark Almeroth FREE Ticket to KOTH 4

Here's one of the semi-finals we've put on YouTube

Click here for a larger view of the Elimination Matches

Joint 3rd Place (L) Dan Olson, (R) Adam Bernard

Consolation Round (L) Bob Fraser and (L) Alan Tremaine

Edwin Mason and his King of the Hill 4 Ticket

(L)Kerry Howe and (R) Dan Olson

(L) Mike Powers and (R) Andre Carman

Robert Savoy

John Morrison (chalking) Gary Robinson (at the oche) John Part (behind Gary)

(L)Peter Morrison and (R) Dave Wilson

Andre Carman (chalking) Mike Powers (at the oche) and John Part (waiting)

Thanks to John Part for the following pics. His loyal fans will treasure these for a lifetime.

Ana DaSilva and Tanya McCollum with John Part

Dusan Milic with John Part

Tanya McCollum with John Part

John Morrison and Roberta with John Part

Vern Lepine with John Part

Kirk Platten with John Part

We'd like to thank:

Thanks go out to the Owl's Club and their sports director Kirk Platten for hosting the event and to Joel for the food provided throughout the day. Also a special thanks to Roberta from Oshawa for her help during the day.

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