The King and Queen of the Hill Series of Toronto Dart Tournaments

Who Wants to be the King or Queen of the Darting Hill?

Important Changes to the Way We Operate King and Queen of the Hill Tournaments

In order to grow our events and make them Bigger, Better and More Inclusive to players in Southern Ontario we're testing some changes to the format.

King and Queen of the Hill events may now have qualifying events associated with them. Each Qualifying Event is a Standalone event. In some cases, 100% of the buy-in is paid back with Finals main event prizes additional. With others, a portion of the buy-ins are returned as prizes on the day, with the balance paid out as Finals main event tickets. In cases where ladies (especially in doubles) have not shown in sufficient numbers to have their own event and are given the option to play with the men, but none make it into the money rounds, prize pool money will be placed in the general pool for the respective ladies finals.

Important Notes About This Series of Tournaments

As we will be holding Qualifiers at different locations around the province, not all Qualifiers will have the same format or start times.

It is therefore important to view the flyer for each event.

Goals of these Tournaments

Our goal is to build a high level dart tournament for southern Ontario dart players to participate in, while at the same time grow the base of local competitive dart players as they prepare to go to the next level.

In addition, we will use these tournaments to bring players into the tournament system, especially for their first appearance in a tournament.

These are generally players who would not otherwise be involved in tournament-level darts.

Who can play?

Any dart players of all skill levels are welcome, however anyone under the age of 18 must contact us in advance for permission. Should permission be obtained for those under 18, they must be accompanied by an adult for .the duration of a given event. For liability reasons, children younger than 13 are not permitted on the premises during the event without prior permission of both the venue and the organzier.

What does it cost?

Ticket prices may vary for different events. Check out the individual event flyers.

Promotional Tickets and Giveaways

A small number of tickets are also given away in our efforts to promote the sport and play of darts to various players, groups and organizations who are supporters of darts.

Winners of our King and Queen of the Hill events are also awarded a FREE ticket to the next event in the same series.

No promotional tickets given away for King of the Hill Elite events.

What is the format?

501 - Round-robin (groups of 5, preferably). 2 or 3 legs per match. Top 2 players advance from each group and the playoffs are generally: Best of 3, Best of 5, Best of 5, Best of 7, and Best of 9. Each player will play 12-15 legs during group play (depending on number of players in their group), which usually lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours. Ties within groups are decided by take-backs for 1st place in a group, single leg of 701 to determine elimination spots.

Waiting List

All people on the waiting list must register with the organizers no later than 11:30 am. If you have not signed in by that time, your name will be removed and the next person on the list will be given a spot in the tournament if one becomes available.

Terms & Conditions of Play

In order to play at this event, you must agree to the following Conditions:

  • You must sign a legal waiver to play in this event
  • All decisions of the organizers are final

5 Minute Disqualification Rule

A 5 minute disqualification rule will be in effect, meaning that any player who is 5 minutes (or more) late for any leg will lose that leg and subsequent legs that he / she is not present for. Here is how this will work:

  • If a person is not present for a match to begin, the opponent can come to the organisers to have the time started.
  • Once 5 minutes has passed and that person is not present, he or she will automatically lose that leg.
  • The next scheduled match will begin so as to not have an idle board.
  • The person who lost the leg will have the chance to play a match of 2 legs once everyone else has finished their matches in that group.
  • Any further violations will result in a leg being lost each time, to a maximum of the 3 legs that he or she was going to play in the first place.

We trust that this won't become an issue, however we have all been involved in situations where lateness has been an issue. This is a fair rule which places the responsibilty onto the player. We are all adults and everyone has paid to play. Please be respectful of your fellow players and appreciate that it is not the responsibility of the organisers to chase after people.

Chalking & Scoring

The following system will be in place for all matches:

  1. If there is a chalker for a given match, all darts thrown will need to remain in the board until the chalker and thrower agree on the points scored. If a player removes the darts prior to such an agreement, the chalker's version will count. This will be final and no appeals to the organisers will be heard.
  2. If there is no chalker for a given match, all darts thrown will remain in the board until both players have agreed on a score. If darts are removed prior to such an agreement, the opposing player's understanding of what was hit will count. For example, if a player takes his or her darts out of the board and announces "121" and the opposing player states that it was an "81", the score of "81" will count if contested. Please be sure to provide your opponent with the opportunity to confirm your score. This is especially important when playing "cricket".
  3. Anyone chalking (both players and designated chalkers) will score from left to right, meaning that the amount scored will be on the left side of the chalkboard and the amount remaining will be on the right side of the chalkboard.
  4. If an error in counting occurs, it can only be corrected by concensus between the players and/or the chalker and only if the player whose score is incorrect has not thrown at least one dart again. If your score is incorrect and you have thrown at least one dart following that turn, the score will not be corrected.
  5. If there are any issues with a chalker (slowness, incorrect scores, not standing still, etc.), please explain to the chalker what is expected. If this fails, a player can respectfully request that the chalker be removed. At no point will a chalker be blamed for any result as it is the responsiblity of the player to ensure that all scoring is correct.
  6. Anyone not involved in a given match is asked to remain quiet and not to speak to the players and / or chalker. This involves corrections to scores and anything related to out shots.
  7. IMPORTANT: Groups and individuals always have the option of not following the above options based on what makes them more comfortable. In the event of an issue, however, the organisers will refer to the above for clarification and decisions will be based on these guidelines.


Unless stated otherwise, groupings will be determined through a random draw on the day of the tournament and will be drawn once all registered players have been finalised.